A list of projects I have participated in

Improving lab-to-field generalization of activity recognition models

(Postdoc) Activity recognition models show high performance when trained and tested with data collected in controlled environments like experiments. However, when used in real-life, the performance of these models tends to drop significantly. We study two causes for this: new user scenario and usage of different devices. We propose solutions based on feature learning.

Featured Publications:

Context-enriched patterns of behavior at home for Ambient Assisted Living

(PhD project) In Ambient Assisted Living routine deviations are usually used as a sign that assistance is needed. However, to reduce false alarms, context must be considered to assess when a routine deviation is truly an anomaly or when it is a result of a change in context, i.e. it is raining and the person can’t go out. In this project, I proposed context-enriched behavior patterns to describe routines with the context they occur on and a stream learning algorithm to discover them.

Featured Publications and Datasets

Automatic Nurse Care Record Recreation with Activity Recognition

(Postdoc at Kyutech) By using activity recognition based on sensor data and historical data of nurses activities, we aim at reducing documentation workload by partially filling the nurse’s record for the day.

Featured Publications and Datasets